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Created in 2014, Fishnet Syndication started with the acquisition of three flagship programs, Totally Awesome 80s, Into The 70s, and The 80s Vault.  Through partnerships with United Stations Radio Networks, Broadcast Affiliate Sales, Kent Jones Productions, and many talented producers, the company has grown to offer more than 30 different programs and features broadcast on nearly 500 radio stations in the US and around the world.


Fishnet Syndication brings together talented producers, advertisers, and radio stations to create a synergy that wins for everyone.


Owner of Broadcast Affiliate Sales and Founding Partner in Fishnet Syndication.  Mike has spent the majority of his life in broadcasting and helped his father build the first satellite delivered radio network, Satellite Music Network. Mike was on the team that built Jones Radio Networks, and was elected to the National Association of Broadcasters Board of Directors. 


Mike has been part of many first in the radio industry including the first 24/7 radio network, first urban contemporary format, first hard rock format Z-Rock, first and second classic country format, first AOR country format, the first 24/7 sports format and the first 24/7 Spanish format.  Mike was the team leader who built Jones Radio Networks from 4 affiliates to more than 1000 affiliates. Then helped launch DCI on 5000 radio stations to send audio commercials over ISDN lines.


Todd Chambless is a 35 + year radio veteran and Partner in Fishnet Syndication.  He has worked in major markets including Dallas and Pittsburgh. He's been a radio Program Director, air talent...and now your host for numerous syndicated programs under the brand...KTODD! He hails from West Monroe, Louisiana. He loves music, riding with the top down and the music cranked up, and singing in his church’s choir.



Owner of Kent Jones Productions and Founding Partner in Fishnet Syndication.  Kent brings his 49-year career as a producer, programmer, and air talent to the partnership.  He programmed legendary KOMA, Oklahoma City for 31 years.  He designed the station’s Oldies format in 1988 and successfully transitioned it to its current Classic Hits format while maintaining top-5 ratings and directing a legendary lineup of air talent.


As a voiceover talent, he has voiced audiobooks, film trailers,  IVRs and corporate narrations for national clients including Chesapeake Energy, Jiffy Lube, and Access Midstream Partners.  His award-winning work in radio and film has been regarded by Radio and Records magazine, The International Radio Festival of New York, and The Manhattan Short Film Festival. 


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