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1990’s Britpop and Grunge

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Bob Stei started as an intern at the late WNEW-FM in New York while attending Manhattan College. He has worked at several stations on and off the air and currently cyber tracks mornings on KKDJ Fresno and evenings at KBSZ Phoenix

LIsten to the Demo

Grunge Garage Demo - Bob Stei
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We left the hairbands soaking in their Aquanet and started a music revolution unlike no other. Expect to hear the best of Britpop and 90’s Alternative with artists like Blur, Oasis, Live, Pearl Jam, STP, Offspring, Bush, Hole and beyond.


 Don’t forget your pager, ink and piercings as you GET YOUR FIX!

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 “The Grunge Garage” is about to celebrate its second anniversary and is carried on almost 60 stations globally.

  • 4 hours weekly
  • Dropbox delivery
  • All barter

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