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Gonzo brings his own special brand of entertainment to your radio station with a variety of programming. 
80s Time Warp - Gonzo Gates
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Gonzo takes listeners on a trip back to the decade that gave us the Rubik's Cube, MTV, and Reaganomics.  It's 4 hours filled with great music from Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and many others.  2-hour version also available!

90s Flashback - Gonzo Gates
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Gonzo rewinds back to the decade that everyone was wearing Doc Martens and flannel shirts, grunge was hot and we were doing the Macarena.  2 hours of the best hits of  the 1990's mixed with memories, sound bites, and newsclips of the decade.

America's Jukebox - Gonzo Gates
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It's a 3 hour trip celebrating 2 decades of some of the best music ever recorded.  Filled with plenty of forgotten memories mixed with a variety of music from the 70's through the 80's. 

THE 80s VAULT - Gonzo Gates
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2 hours of "Everything From the 80s".  Lots of hits plus the gems that everyone remembers but got locked away.  The treasures are all here in The 80s Vault.  Only 4 minutes per hour of network inventory.  You get 6 minutes per hour local inventory with the option for 9 minutes!

Gonzo Gates is an award winning* writer, producer, and host of a trio of great programming that spans three decades of some of the best music and forgotten memories. He was also the host Gonzo Gates After Dark.  A four hour show that ran from 7p-Midnight

Monday through Friday. In between playing the hit music of today in accordance to the HOT AC format of the radio station he entertained listeners with various segments like Today in History, the Ultimate Trivia Challenge Question of the Night, and Believe It or Not; stories you really didn't think were true! *Winner New York State Broadcasters award 2015

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