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Radio ReHab with Dana Williams

Radio ReHab with Dana Williams​

Radio ReHab - Dana Williams
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Radio ReHab is a weekly two-hour program. The lively format includes new music features, behind the scenes stories, artist drop-in interviews, never-before-heard song demos and much more.

2 hours weekly
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About Dana Williams



Dana Williams was born in Dayton Ohio but grew up mostly in Nashville, TN. His first performance was in church as the age of seven and as a youngster was influenced by a various styles of music including, bluegrass, country, rock and jazz but came back to where his heart was and is today, country music.

Dana joined Diamond Rio in 1989 and was the sixth and final member. Jimmy Olander knew Dana and called him to audition for the Tennessee River Boys. At the time Dana was hired, the guys only had one gig on their schedule, a television appearance on TNN’s “Nashville Now.” That night, the original members of Diamond Rio played together for the first time as the Tennessee River Boys.

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