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LA Spinz is a unique daily feature that is everything LA and everything about celebrity news.

Every week, you get:

L.A. Spinz - a 10-minute weekly feature

L.A. Spinz Minute - ten 1-minute features

Ideal for today's short attention spans!

LA Spinz - Demo - Peter Reynolds
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Peter serves up a unique snapshot of the week, with the latest news and gossip in film, tv, music and tech as well as featured segments like “Idiot Of The Week”, “Dead Or Alive?” and “Trash Bin.” And topped off with a dollop of sarcasm! There is nothing like it on the radio!

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Peter Reynolds

LA Spinz, hosted by veteran radio personality Peter Reynolds, is a syndicated music and entertainment show with a Los Angeles Lean. LA Spinz and L.A. Spinz Minute cover the week's top stories with Peter's own spin - smart, witty and sarcastic in small servings - perfect for today's short attention spans. LA Spinz is designed to fit into your programming and allow you unlimited airings for an affordable price. Now heard on over 250 radio stations each week across the USA and around the world!


  • Daily features
  • Dropbox download
  • 1 minute network inventory per day
  • Custom promo tags and liners from Peter

Call Mike Tyler today to get LA Spinz on your station!


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