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Combining the resources of Broadcast Affiliate Sales (marketing, advertising, and affiliate relations), Kent Jones Productions (programming and operations), United Stations Radio Networks (advertising sales), and other advertising partners, Fishnet Syndication effectively supports our radio affiliates, advertisers, and program producers.


Fishnet Syndication provides specialty programming for radio.


We represent some of the most entertaining, interesting, and fun shows to enhance the lineup of stations across the US and around the world.



Fishnet Syndication, in partnership with Broadcast Affiliate Sales, builds affiliations for our program producers.


We continue to build our catalog of great programs and features.  Producers seeking nationwide distribution should contact us for information.


Fishnet Syndication provides a unique opportunity for advertising in our program offerings to audiences everywhere.


Contact us to learn about creative ways we can help build your brand and increase your sales.

Want to learn more? Let's Talk.​
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