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Ed's Tip of the Day

Ed's Tip of the Day - Ed Brook
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About Ed's Tip of the Day


A 60 second feature to help motivate the lives of listeners. His Tips are about success, attitude, positive thinking, goals, persistence, enthusiasm, character, and truth, just to name a few. They are specifically designed to help your listeners change their lives for the better.

Here’s what some of Ed's listeners have said:

Jon, an Army Lt Col in the Special Forces, says, “Ed’s Tips are a road map to taking control of your life“.

A CEO of a major company, with over a1000 employees worldwide,  said he forwards them to  his employees.


Danielle, a college student as opposed to a liberal arts program, is now studying nursing said “The Tips have helped me shoot for the stars”.


Vic, now a builder in Tennessee, says “ My accomplishments are a direct result of applying Ed’s Tips daily”.


Spenser, a station manager said “ I believe the Tips have helped increase our audience and station loyalty

About Ed Brook

 Ed Brook, award-winning business, advertising, and sales consultant, mentor and life coach, started writing his Tips a few years ago to help motivate the lives of his grandkids to dream big. His goal is to enable people to harness their power and live their dream. 

      - Plus 60-second ROS network spot
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