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Mike Austin

Mike Austin has been a radio personality and voice actor for over 30 years. Mike is also an on-camera actor.   He is the father to 6 children and has experienced much in the way of fatherhood.

While still in high school, Mike began his broadcasting career in his small, Illinois, hometown at the local radio station. As he perfected his craft, Mike's natural ability to connect with people served him well in developing high personality-driven shows and appearing at and hosting live events.


Over the years, he has hosted radio shows in the morning, afternoon, and evening, at radio stations from Illinois to Texas.


These days, Mike spends his days in his home studio, making commercials and narrating audiobooks and corporate projects....and enjoying his family!

Radio Dad Logo.jpg

5 features each week

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5 min network spots per week

Radio Dad is 1-minute radio feature, heard nationwide, Monday through Friday.


We talk about everything that has to do with fatherhood and being a good dad, grand-dad, step-dad, and/or father figure.


We talk to insightful experts, well-known sports figures, authors....and we have a lot of fun!


Mike Austin's sense of humor comes through often while treating more serious subjects with the gentle voice of a caring dad.


From new dads to grand-dads, if the subject is fatherhood, Mike covers it with expert guests, authors, celebrities, and sports figures or simply speaking from his own experience.

Listen to the Demo:

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Everyone talks about the importance of a loving mom, and rightly so. You can't deny the value of a caring, loving mother and her influence on a solid family. However, with the focus on moms, the role of a dad has been diminished and some even say is "not necessary!” Statistics prove that most drug and alcohol addicts, criminals, and even everyday men & women who struggle through life, many times grew up without a dad.

Mike Austin wants to shine the spotlight on fatherhood and what it means to be a good dad. Mike's pet peeve is the image of dad as a bungling, beer-drinking, golf playing, football watching goof who, if he's even around, is simply the second fiddle to mom and does whatever she decides. Mike says fatherhood needs to be celebrated, raised up, and talked about as the noble, worthy calling that it is!  Mike Austin said "Dad's should be celebrated!  Fatherhood is a noble calling that all dads should embrace.  I want to shine the spotlight on GREAT dads and what it takes to be one." 

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