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The B Zone

with Traci S. Campbell

The B Zone - Demo - Traci S. Campbell
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About The B Zone


Are you struggling financially? Are you not liking that person staring back at you in the mirror? And do you have some folks in your life that are getting on your LAST nerve? Well...sounds like you need to join us in the B Zone!


Join in each week in "The B Zone with Traci S. Campbell" where Traci and her crew discuss and provide real advice and info to help YOU specifically in the areas of Love and Relationships, Money and Business, and Health/Wellness.


Listen in as we address the issues presented to us in the “Dear B Zone letter” submitted from our followers and listening audience. Listen in to interesting expert and celebrity guest interviews. And brighten your day with the lively and candid conversation as the crew delivers lots of laughs to the audience.


Remember to count your blessings have more than you think! :-)

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About Traci S. Campbell

Host, Traci S. Campbell is a social entrepreneur, author, executive producer, and Information Technology consultant of major corporations.  She is the founder of BIBO Worldwide, LLC and two 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, the C.H.A.M.P. Community Project and The BIBO Foundation which produces the annual BIBO (Beauty In / Beauty Out) Awards.

The BIBO Foundation produces the annual BIBO Awards which recognizes dynamic women demonstrating leadership in their communities and celebrates “real role models.” The BIBO Foundation educates and mentors budding female leaders from disadvantaged backgrounds. BIBO Worldwide, LLC is a for profit entity that helps clients with radio, podcast and streaming media exposure (BIBO Weekly! and The B Zone) and targeted leads and SEO services for their businesses (BlossomMark).

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