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All of our program hosts are also national voiceover talents.  And we are continuing to add to our roster.  They are available to voice a single commercial or produce your entire station imaging.  Browse our talent demos below and contact us to learn more.

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Todd Chambless.jpg
Todd Chambless
Fun, authoritative, believable
Commercial DemoTodd Chambless
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Imaging DemoTodd Chambless
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KONO DemoTodd Chambless
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Todd is a 35 + year radio veteran, who has worked in major markets including Dallas and Pittsburgh.


Todd has been a radio Program Director, air talent, and national voiceover artist with amazing skills in imaging production.   If you're looking for a powerful presentation with production that excites, Todd is a great choice. 

Carly Rae
Bright, Upbeat, Fun, Natural
Bank, Night ClubCarly Rae
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Grocery, FurnitureCarly Rae
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Bank 7Carly Rae
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Carly's naturally upbeat personality has endeared her drive-time listeners for many years.


She is a favorite of numerous clients for voicing their commercials.  Her natural smile and "real" presentation are effective in making listeners feel good about the product or store.

Put Carly on your station and the lights will shine a little brighter.

Chuck Taylor
Solid, Fun, Natural
Commercial DemoChuck Taylor
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Voice Tracking DemoChuck Taylor
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Narration DemoChuck Taylor
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Chuck is recognized for his interviews with the biggest names in Texas music.


He was nominated in 2008 for 'DJ of the Year' by the Gruene With Envy Awards.

Chuck's  most recent on air work is Program Director and host of the All Star Morning Show on KHYI 95-3 FM, Dallas, Texas. 

Kent Jones
Warm, friendly, energetic, mature, trusted, real
Commercial DemoKent Jones
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Imaging DemoKent Jones
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Endorsement DemoKent Jones
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For over 40 years, corporations, TV and radio stations, production houses, and feature film producers have relied on Kent Jones for high-quality voice-overs. Kent is the voice of hundreds of projects including broadcast commercials, interactive systems, and corporate e-learning narrations. He hosts nationally syndicated radio programs and narrates audiobooks.

Pleasant voice, Fast turnaround, Personalized voice delivery, Easy to work with, Reliable, Good communication.


You are sure to be completely happy with Kent’s service and quality of work.

Lynn Rutledge
Upbeate, fun, friendly
Commercial DemoLynn Rutledge
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I have been in Radio since 1985.  My first job was programming a Cetec Schafer Series 7000 Reel to Reel Automation System at a “Mom and Pop” Radio station.


I have worked every format from Southern Gospel to Blues.  I have worked at WMEV since 1997.  I was originally hired to install an Arrakis Systems Digilink III.  I hosted the 7 to Midnight show, then moved to Afternoon Drive, and finally Mid-Day.  I am currently the Music Director and Program Director as well.

I am also the IT Director.  I have an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Information Technology from Virginia Highlands Community College in Abingdon where I am currently an adjunct instructor at the College.  I also have a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication from ETSU in Johnson City, TN.

Voice Track DemoLynn Rutledge
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Lynn Rutledge
Friendly, fun, relatable
Blake Headshot.jpg
Blake Lindsay
Warm, powerful, authoritative
Commercial DemoBlake Lindsay
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Imaging DemoBlake Lindsay
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Voice Track DemoBlake Lindsay
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Blake has become a familiar voice on national radio stations.  Currently, he is the Communications Director at Envision Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind, having served for ten years.

Blake has been heard as the imaging voice for Zig Ziglar commercials; producer of weekly Inspire podcast; sales with the Ziglar Inspiring True Performance division.

Blake has done audio production and imaging for many stations and companies including:

  • 94.9 FM KODZ (now KLTY)

  • WJEL, Indianapolis

  • The World-Wide Legend, Indianapolis

  • KEOM, Mesquite, Dallas, Ft. Worth

  • KZHN, North East TX and Southern OK

  • Holiday Inn Presidential Hotel, Little Rock, AR

BC Corbin Headshot.jpg
BC Corbin
Friendly, powerful, authoritative
Commercial DemoBC Corbin
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Voice Track DemoBC Corbin
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Voice Track DemoBC Corbin
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  • −  Welcoming and professional radio host that quickly builds trust with listeners, partners, and colleagues.

  • −  Produced, wrote, and hosted radio programs that included music, news, interviews, and commercials.

  • −  Stimulating and memorable speaking voice with appropriate inflection, tone variation, and bold pitch.

BC Corbin has been an air personality since 1995 for:

Adelman Broadcasting

KZIQ 92.7 FM - KLOA 1240 AM - KRAJ 100.9 FM - KRAJ 100.9 FM KWOJ 1360 AM - KLOA 1240 AM -KKIX 101.7 FM - KLCQ 92.9 FM KLCQ 92.9 FM

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
Friendly, trusted, personable
Commercial SampleBob Larson
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Commercial SampleBob Larson
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Aircheck SampleBob Larson
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Bob has been a radio and TV personality at several stations in Oregon since 1972​.  He is also a broadcast engineer, having built and operated the first two low-power television stations in the United States.  He also built KTRQ in Tri City, Oregon.

Bob has been a Program Director, announcer, newscaster, and engineer.  With more than 46 years in broadcasting, he is a seasoned professional in the studio.

Steve Russo
Steve Russo
The real guy next door
Demo ReelSteve Russo
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Steve Russo is an internationally known communicator, radio/TV host, author and drummer. 

He’s a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Grammy Awards). Steve is an endorser for DW Drums, SABIAN Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks and Evans Drum heads. He’s been involved in both Christian and mainstream music.


Steve is the author of 18 books including Random Thoughts, Wildcats in The House and Jammin’ Jokes for Kids. He has been featured on ABC, CBS and NBC news broadcasts; CCN-TV and the Fox News Channel. Steve has also appeared in several films including Unbroken: Road to Redemption and Cosmic Light. He loves all things Italian, the beach and Moose tracks Ice cream.

Dean Duke.jpg
Dean Duke
Upbeat, Classic, Versatile
Imaging DemoDean Duke
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Commercial DemoDean Duke
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Aircheck SampleDean Duke
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Earning his broadcasting license in 1979 Dean Duke/Austin Taylor has been working at stations in various markets around the country ever since. Over the years, he has developed an encyclopedia-like knowledge of music, artists, and the entertainment world. He has worked with various music formats and is an excellent addition to your on-air presence.


Dean earned degrees in marketing and broadcasting and has over 30 years of experience in advertising and public relations.


Besides working as a voice talent he has owned a media/marketing firm since 2000 and purchased a Radio and Cable station 2011.

Ron Samuels Headshot.jpg
Ron Samuels
Relatable, Lively, Real
Commercial DemoRon Samuels
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Voice Track DemoRon Samuels
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Imaging DemoRon Samuels
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Ron is an excellent radio personality who has been heard on stations in Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and many others.​

He has worked in several formats including Country, Jazz, Oldies, News, Sports, Rock, Urban, and MOR.  He is very flexible and talented to adapt to any target audience.


For commercials, imaging, or voice tracks, Ron is ready to help you get your message across.

Marci Taylor.jpg
Commercial DemoMarci Taylor
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Voice Track DemoMarci Taylor
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Marci Taylor
Warm, Friendly, Easy-Going and Sexy

After being told she had a voice for radio, Marci decided to apply at the local small market radio station.  10 years later, she's hosting the midday show, voicing and producing commercials. 


Marci is now available to voice commercials or voice-track shifts for stations nationwide.

Big John Horton.jpg
Big John Horton
Voice Track DemoBig John Horton
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News Talk Imaging DemoBig John Horton
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Country Imaging DemoBig John Horton
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Big John Horton is passionate about radio and has nearly 20 years in the business as an on-air talent.​

He is a voice pro with the ability to communicate information and ideas so others will understand.

Mike Austin- brn jacket-red shirt laugh
Mike Austin
Natural, Fun, Real
VO DemoMike Austin
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AC Voicetrack DemoMike Austin
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Country Voicetrack DemoMike Austin
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Mike has been bringing fun, creativity and his unique connection with his listeners, to his radio shows for 40 years!


In addition, as a voice actor/producer, Mike has performed projects for Harley Davidson, Walmart, Lemonheads Candy, and thousands of regional and local businesses.


Mike is as comfortable on camera as he is on the mic.  Whether you're filling a daypart with MORE than just an announcer, or, looking to give a voice to a compelling, creative commercial, Mike Austin is your guy.

TNN Radio AircheckSam Wilson
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Us 95 AircheckSam Wilson
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Sam Wilson

Based out of Upstate New York, Sam "Wilson" D'Addieco brings a wealth of energy, excitement, and passion to your on-air product.


Currently on-air at market-leading country station 95.7 The Big Pig in Olean, NY, Sam is the young, interactive talent your Country, CHR, or Hot AC station needs to keep listeners engaged with your brand.

His passions for radio and broadcasting go back to when he was in his elementary school years, when he would blast CD's in the car and pretend to be DJ in between songs.

In his free time, Sam enjoys swimming in his pool,

watching Netflix, cheering on his hometown Pittsburgh Penguins, and, of course, listening to the radio.

Contact Mike Tyler


Want to learn more? Let's Talk.​