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Reid L. Rosenthal is a rancher, a #1 Bestselling, award winning author, and unabashedly, unapologetically, on the right side of the outstanding issues of our generation. His over 3.3 million listeners and other media know and respect his uncanny ability to connect the dots you don’t hear elsewhere, and accurately prognosticate future events.

Get the point? You might love him. You might hate him. But you won’t be able to stop listening. Get on the right side, with Reid.


LIsten to the Demos

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The Democrats? There are no more Dems–there are only ever left-leaning Progressives whose policies and obstruction undermine this country, perhaps purposefully.


To a Progressive, only the ideology of control matters.


The deficit? Do we even need to discuss this? Stop spending, lower taxes and get business going again before our economy collapses.


Clean energy? Green energy? Sure. But natural gas, shale, sand, oil, and drilling are inescapable if you want security for the next 30 years


Radical Islam, North Korea, Iran? Voltaire once said “history is the sound of hobnailed boots ascending, and slippered feet descending.” Let’s not wear slippers, shall we!

This is what radio has been looking for!

On The Right Side Radio comes at a perfect time in history when there is so much uncertainty and mistrust in our government. Reid provides a fantastic radio show covering important topics to keep listeners informed of the facts and is sure to grow any radio stations listening audience.

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  • 1 hour weekly
  • Dropbox distribution
  • 12 min local inventory
  • Custom promo tags and liners from Reid

Call Mike Tyler today to get

On the Right Side Radio!


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