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is a two-hour music intensive classic hits show

featuring background information about the songs and the artists.

Your listeners will not only hear the biggest classic hits but they will learn

more about the inspiration leading to the song, the artist’s take on the lyrics

and the artist themself.

Ric and Mark are long time radio guys with a love for music

and the history behind the music.

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Enter The Time Tunnel!

LIsten to the demo!

The Time Tunnel Demo - Ric and Mark
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The TIME TUNNELTM is two hours a week,

is all barter, and is delivered via Fishnet Syndication’s FTP site.

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Ric Frances and Mark Jay

both have histories in radio.


Ric began as a DJ and worked his way up to

VP/General Manager of a New Orleans radio operation.

Then he opened his own radio & TV sales consulting business.


Mark began as a DJ at several stations and became

Music Director before leaving to start a business outside of

the broadcasting industry.

  • 2 Hours Weekly
  • FTP download
  • 6 minutes national/6 minutes local

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The Time Tunnel!